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WarBirds and CK 0.93 Screen Shots

See the sights of CK 92 ! For instance, did you know Godzilla lives in the dormant volcano near field F6 ? Here, is the proof ! My Spitfire IX being serviced by two little red men near Godzilla himself (4018 bytes) and my BF109G flying under Godzilla (8514 bytes) (big, isn't he :) and check out those teeth ! (68 Kbytes)

There's lots of interesting places in CK92, here's what the Death Ray field defence emplacement (a.k.a. Triple A, AAA or ack) looks like up close (27 Kbytes) , a P-38 Superplane parked near the Tower (10 Kbytes) , whats the best place for a Zeke ? Nice cockpit art though :) and ever thought what is was like inside the volcano near field F11 ? and how's this for fancy parking ? :)

Anyway, enough sightseeing, now for the serious business, combat screenshots.


Wingless Wonders and planes with other parts missing :)

My cannons have relieved this P38 of one wing.
A one winged wonder Zeke.
Another FW falls to my Corsair.
FW loses wing while going vertical.
A FW sans horizontal stabilisers.
Zero + 20mm cannon shells = explosive mixture.
B17 with multiple engine hits.

Buff Pictures.

My B25 up close and friendly with a Zeke.
B-17 strike force about to sortie.

Screenshots of my squad : VF-17, The Jolly Rogers

VF-17's Corsairs taking off. Impressive !
VF-17 blows by Tainan's Zekes at speed.
Tainan's turn to fly F4U's.

Scenario Screenshots

Scenario Lite : Solomons

A cloud of IJN Zeros taking off.
I spot US B17s near our base.

Solomons I

This ill fated scenario was eventually cancelled. I flew one mission as an SBD5 pilot and got dumped just as the action started. All but one of the rest of my flight of SBDs were lost to enemy zekes soon after.
VF-17 Squadmate's Yoss and Bach in their SBD's.
Our escort P-39Ds visible in the distance.

Old Screenshots

My Spitfire making holes in a P38 (71 Kbytes)...he died :)
This is a screenshot showing what *not* to do... I was attacking field F4 after it was captured by the Reds and damaged a Red P38 (smoke trailing from his aircraft) in an opportunistic attack (while still loaded with bombs and rockets), typically :), he ran for the safety of his AAA, in my "got to get a kill" frenzy, I ignored the voice of reason screaming
"NOOOOOO ! Don't follow him !" and got shredded by the ack seconds later :(.
Here is a Red P51D filling the gunsight of my P51D...any closer he'd be in my cockpit !
A damaged Red P38 attempting to flee from my P51D
My bomb laden BF109G on the way to F3 to make a special delivery :)
A Zeke trying evasive manouvres to escape my 109

My favourites ! Various shots of P38s dying :)
A "ping" and smoke from 1 engine
A "ping" on a passing 38
Trying to run to his friends
Both engines smoking
I'm following this one down to make sure :)
Even a 51's 50 calibers can kill 38s easily

These are a sequence from one of my encounters with a purp Spitfire driver who shall remain nameless :)
First ping, running for cover in his ack
2nd ping, I'm real close now, ack shooting at me too !
Smoke ! My pings have done some damage !
He's going down !

Unfortunate red Spitfire driver :) near 'cano at F4
Jolly Rogers otw to F8 to pick grapes :)
Another view of the Rogers' grape harvest flight
Red 51 trying to dive out of trouble...he failed :)

CK 0.91 Screen Shots

Here's me looking out the back of my FW trying to get away from a whole pack (25 Kbytes) hungry for my horizontal stabs. Unfortunately, I spent too much time trying to get a good screenshot I didn't see the ground coming :(
My squadmate Hipi's F4U-1 from inside my FW cockpit
Best place for a P-38 to be
Great big Red and Green furball over field F16
Field F22 back in the days, VF-17 was Purple and the Golds were evil :)
Green P38 missing a wing after meeting some of my 20mm cannon shells. The rest of the shells met the ground nearby :).
Red P51 Driver "Pate" commenting on my altitude advantage :)
Pate again. Fortunately for Pate this was a truce to take screenshots and not shots :)
Damn ! If only I had ammo :)
Rabaul 1995. F4U-1s vs A6M5 Zeroes fight it out on VF-17 ANZAC Squad night. VF-17 ANZAC section were Purple flying F4Us and some VF-17 non ANZAC members flew Gold Zekes.
Gold Zeke joining me going after a Red Zeke
Daisychain of colours !. Countryman "Grub" is going after a Green Zeke and forgotten about the Red P38 on his six, who has forgotten about me on his six !
Now, which one do I go for !
A Spitfire, moments before my bullets kill the pilot in his cockpit
Me helping out my wingman "Pate"
Evil Purps attacking F17
Aaargh ! A hard turning Red P38 evading my P51
Red P38 trying to land to take F17 from us Golds. I didn't let him :) !
Red F4U about to eat "Grub's" cannon
Green P38 flying straight into my path
VF-17's most lethal pilot "Vmpr" about to terminate some Kermits. I had the honour of flying wing for him :).

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