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If you have no idea what DOOM is, have a look at the FAQ. This is THE DOOM Bible, everything you will ever want or need to know about DOOM is in here. If you are an experienced DOOM player and don't know about the FAQ, where have you been ? 8-). So since the FAQ will explain what DOOM is all about many times better than I can, I'm not going to describe it. I will however tell you why I like it so much.

For a start, DOOM is realistic enough, despite the limitations of 320x200 VGA, to be a total immersion experience especially if you have a good sound setup. Have a look at my PC sound system set up. Playing DOOM with PC speaker sound is an injustice to the game and its designers, ID Software. Now then, good graphics and sound make a solid base to create a good game, but it is the gameplay that distinguishes DOOM from any other game. No other game I know of evokes the kind of fear DOOM does...I remember well the first time I ran into a Baron of Hell, its blood curdling scream sending a shiver down my spine and getting the hairs on the back of my neck and arms standing on end. I must admit the fear greatly diminishes once you get good at it....although bumping into an unexpected Arch Vile still evokes some of that old fear, but it's very much under control 8-).

That is when the next great thing about DOOM kicks in. So, now the monsters don't scare you any more, you get 100% kills and 100% secrets in both DOOM and DOOM II playing in Ultra Violence mode without cheating, you can take out a Baron of Hell in a narrow corridor with just a shotgun and Cyberdemons and Spider Masterminds are just another mission objective....what else can you do ? Two things actually, dial-up a friend on the modem and frag the heck out of each other or get four friends, four PCs, one IPX network and really go to town ! By far, this is what makes DOOM what it is.....what can be more fun than sneaking up on a friend and letting him have both barrels of a Super Shotgun in the back ? What can be more satisfying to see your friends walk into your ambush and letting 'em have it with the BFG ? There's nothing more challenging than having your three other friends call a truce in a Deathmatch and gang up on you. This isn't as bad as it sounds 'cause in the darkness they are more likely get fragged by "friendly fire". It's also great fun to play a co-operative game in a particularly nasty level.

You must be wondering how good I am }8-} 8 (This, by the way is my DOOM smiley....complete with evil looking eyebrows (horns ?) and grin, light amplification visor and super shotgun).
Well, my friends call me the DOOM Master and if you want some indication of what I'm capable of, let me tell you about what I consider my greatest achievement in DOOM.
The CYBRDTH2 PWAD took me 30+ attempts and many hours to complete. CYBRDTH2 is a large square arena deathmatch level with lots of pillars and is also playable in single player mode. The catch in single player mode is that at the Ultra Violence skill level, you have SIX Cyberdemons for company and some Lost Souls to get in the way. The only weapons available are a Plasma Rifle, Shotgun (the single barreled variety), Rocket Launcher and of course the pistol, which I didn't need 8-). Well, I got 'em ALL with the last Cyberdemon falling to my shotgun.

Effective Weapons Employment

Can't talk about DOOM without talking about the weapons, can we. Descriptions are in the FAQ so I'll be talking about what I personally like and do with each 8-).

Fist. Hmm, don't use this much, with or without the berserk power up. You still take the same damage and that is not good. Besides, running around trying to hit things with your fists is no fun. Still, punching anything with the berserk powerup results in a very satisfying splash as your target is literally liquified ! Interestingly you can use your fist to open doors that need a shot to trigger.

Best choice in a narrow corridor with your back to a door or wall and a single file of demons, or spectres coming at you. Lost Souls still do damage when they charge you. Its ok against troopers, sargeants, imps, pain elementals and cacodemons if you can close the distance before they fire. Don't even think of using it against Barons, Knights, Revenants, Mancubi and Arch Viles which still seem to be able to attack. I don't have to mention Cyberdemons do I ? Spider Masterminds are interesting, you can't actually get close enough to use the chainsaw on one, its chaingun bullets act like a wind pushing you back ! Not much good in open areas when you normally get iced by something else while you're busy adjusting the looks of your target. Still, I've gotten myself out of some very sticky situations when I was out of ammo for everything else. Kinda fun in a Deathmatch, in close quarters, the steady damage of the chainsaw is more effective than even the shotgun. Still, a fast moving opponent is impossible to get with a chainsaw. Picking up the Chainsaw in a Deathmatch gives away your location if your opponents are close enough ! The Chainsaw is only of novelty value in a Deathmatch.

Pistol. Uh, another of those things best avoided unless it is all you have left, and then use it only on Troopers and Sargeants (grab his shotgun !). I prefer to save the ammo for the chaingun. Can be used to open doors that need a shot to open, but why not use your fist though !

Now we are getting somewhere. In DOOM Episodes 1 to 3 this is probably the best all round weapon against the monsters. Packs a big punch, good for a knife fight in close range. It is also very useful for picking off targets at long range. Ammo is plentiful too. This is all I need to take on everything except Arch Viles, Cyberdemons and Spider Masterminds though, takes too long to kill 'em. Not enough killing power and refire rate for Deathmatches too. Ammo is usually quite plentiful. The lack of delay in firing and hitting makes the shotgun the best sniping weapon and it will not give your position away.

super shotgunSuper Shotgun.
This is my favourite weapon by far. A single shot takes out whole bunches of Troopers and Sargeants, Imps, as well as individual Demons and Spectres. Extremely useful in a Deathmatch for the immediate application of an immense damage potential, only opponents in perfect health with 100% or more armour will survive a single shot, and those who do get the redout effect (whole screen goes red and you can't see anything). The SSG is in its element in narrow corridors and close range surprise attacks. Not much good for long range sniping shots though, the spread of the shot is too wide to be effective. At long range the shotgun is better. A major drawback of the SSG is the really slow refire rate, potentially fatal against a well armed and armoured opponent. A well aimed SSG can avoid this by blinding (if not killing) the target with the first shot followed by a second shot to finish the job. Ammo availability does become a problem when you use two shells at a time 8-). Switch to the normal shotgun to use against lesser monsters.

Really only useful against the smaller monsters because of its rapid fire effect not giving the monsters any chance to react. Good for spraying at advancing hordes of Troopers, Sargeants and Imps where using anything more powerful would just be wasting ammo. Also good for picking individuals off at long range. Against demons and spectres spraying is ineffective and the chaingun is only effective if you concentrate fire on one individual when it can't bite since its mouth is full of lead 8-), pick another weapon against a charging horde of demons or spectres. Also good against individual Lost Souls, Pain Elementals, Cacodemons, Heavy Weapons Dude's and Knights who can't shoot while dancing the chaingun cha-cha. Limited effect against individual Barons, Mancubi, Arachnotrons and Revenants who can still shoot back so be prepared to dodge when they do fire. Not much good against Arch Viles, these things move too damned quickly to effectively concentrate fire on them. Excellent choice for annoying Cyberdemons and Spider Masterminds to get them to shoot at you 8-). Also not a lot of good in a Deathmatch, unless they can't see where you are, and like the shotgun, they can't see the shots coming and can't avoid them. Makes a pretty effective sniping weapon.

rocket launcherRocket Launcher.
Now there's a fine weapon in the hands of an expert. It is also the main cause of suicides 8-). Good for bunched up monsters of all kinds and those that move slowly. Hitting Arch Viles is tricky since they move too quickly, everything else normally eats the rocket. In a Deathmatch proper application the rocket launcher is lethal to your opponent. I use it mainly to flush out a shy target. If your target is holed up somewhere and refuses to come out, there's nothing like a well placed rocket to change his / her mind. Being an area effect weapon, it is great for hitting targets which are out of your line of sight. However, it is best employed in open spaces, never ever try to shoot round corners and never fire while dodging obstacles. I have also used the rocket launcher in closed areas occasionally, to clear possible ambushes in dark tunnels and in rooms where obstacles get in the way of other weapons....needless to say accidents happen frequently. Although you can see a rocket approaching, it is probably too late but since there is a time delay between firing and impact, your opponent can hear it and move out of the way. Also it's a waste of ammo against moving targets unless it's coming straight at you ! The rocket is another weapon that if not immediately fatal, gives the redout effect, which temporarily blinds the victim.

plasma riflePlasma Rifle.
The ultimate spraying weapon. Spraying is extremely effective against big groups of Troopers, Sargeants, Imps and Lost Souls. Also very effective when concentrating fire on any individual monster, including Cyberdemons and Spider Masterminds. It is probably the best weapon to use against an Arch Vile as the rapid fire effect prevents it from moving. This is probably the best weapon to use in a Deathmatch after you've lost the advantage of surprise as well as when caught in an ambush. As an effective spraying weapon, it is effective against rapidly moving opponents. Not much use for long range shots though. The travel time of the plasma ball is slow and opponents usually get out of the way. The P. Rifle has one major drawback in a Deathmatch and that is visibilty. Firing the P. Rifle immediately gives your position away like a beacon and can lead to extremely accurate return fire guided in by your own stream of plasma ! Also your own visibility is reduced and you may not see that incoming rocket ! I remember one deathmatch when I was cornered by a P. Rifle toting friend who thought he had me, but blinded by the plasma he didn't see me squirm out of the way and use the chaingun on him from the back while he continued firing at where he thought I was ! Ammo although scarce usually goes a long way and the shots do a lot of damage so in concentrated fire only a few cells are needed to kill most opponents. Hit your opponent with enough plasma balls and he'll also get blinded with red-out.

THE most powerful weapon in DOOM, the BFG is an awesome weapon. A direct hit with the BFG fireball on almost any opponent is a guarantee of a frag. Only Spider Masterminds and Cyberdemons can survive a single BFG fireball. The area effect of the BFG will also wipe out Troopers, Sargeants and Imps. Unfortunately, the BFG does have its limitations. It is strictly a line of sight weapon, if you can't see your opponent, he won't take any damage. For example, you see a target, you fire, before the fireball reaches him, he ducks out of sight behind a pillar or even a monster, he won't take any damage. Also the BFG is power hungry and will rapidly use up all your cells. The biggest problem with the BFG is the initial firing latency...the time it takes to to fire when you press the trigger is more than 1 second. In that time your opponent could have fragged you with a faster firing weapon like the Rocket Launcher or the Super Shotgun. Imagine this, you come up to a door armed with a BFG, you open the door and see a Cyberdemon looking your way, you press fire but before the BFG fires, you are already dead from the Cyber's rockets...not good. Most effective use of the BFG is when you are confronted by a great horde of monsters, but be prepared to fire again as some monsters will be masked from the BFG by the first rank of monsters or better still, switch to a less expensive weapon to pick off the survivors. In a deathmatch, the BFG is best employed when engaged in wide open areas. In co-operative games, it is best not employed at all where friendly fire frags from a BFG is a very common occurrence.

Denizens of DOOM

I'm starting a new section here on the nasties of DOOM and DOOM II.


The Rank and File
doom/doom1-s.gifTwo images of each from top to bottom, left to right :
(Zooms in to doom1bad.gif 53K)
Baron of Hell, Cacodemon, Lost Soul, Demon (Spectre is an invisible version), Imp, Former Sargeant, Former Trooper.


The Rank and File


The Archvile has a section of his own due to his unique attack method. NetScape 2.0+ users can enjoy the animation below.
If you don't have NetScape 2.0+ then you will have to be content with the still frames below. Alternatively, save the animation above and view it with a GIF89a viewer which supports animated GIFs.
archv-s.gif Clicking on the picture will zoom in. (archvile.gif 31K)
Starting at top left moving right then 2nd row left to right as well :
He's coming to get ya !
He's resurrecting one of the nasties you just iced
The remaining images in sequence is the Archvile's movements during his unique attack.

doom2-s.gifTwo images of each from top to bottom, left to right :
(Zooms in to doom2bad.gif 75K)
Revenant, Knight of Hell, Heavy Weapons Dude, SS Nazi, Arachnotron, Mancubus, Pain Elemental.


(Zooms in to bosses.gif 78K)
Top: Spider Mastermind
Bottom: Cyber Demon

Here is another animation, one of the Cyber Demon. This is the last GIF animation I will do ... they take way too long to do !
Cyber Demon Animation 326K

Great DOOM Links

There are a lot of DOOM sites out there but these are the few that offer that little bit more that make them worth going to see.

The DOOM FAQ by Hank Leukart (HTML version by T.J.Kelly)
DOOM Gate by Piotr Kapiszewski and Steve Young.
Pherion's DOOMWeb Node has lots of info.
Tim McCune's DOOMWeb Node. Visually one of the best looking DOOM sites. Lots of links and info too.
Sven's DOOMWeb Node. This site can be very slow sometimes but has quite a few links
Doom Help Service (DHS). Lots of very useful DOOM related information here.
Designing your own DOOM WAD ? Have a look at The DOOM Level Design Page and The WADster's Guide
for some very useful tips.
Raphael Quinet's DOOM Page. Home to The Official DEU (DOOM Level Editor) Page. Also has useful info about the DOOM related USENET Newsgroups.
The All-Time Best DOOM Levels Page by Myles Williams lists the best WAD files and where to get them. You can also nominate and vote for a level you particularly like to be included in the lists !
"The Doom Honorific Titles Page" is where you go to get "official" recognition of your DOOM skills. Fancy earning the title DOOM Master ? This is the place !
The Mantis DOOM Page obviously created by DOOM fanatics, lots of general DOOM and Deathmatch tips and a heck of a lot of links.


DOOM started out on the alt newsgroups but the great popularity of DOOM has spawned five "official" newsgroups. These are : is a moderated newsgroup for Information, FAQs and reviews about DOOM. is for discussions on editing and hacking DOOM files. is the DOOM Help Service for new players. is for discussions about DOOM and id Software. is for discussions on playing DOOM and user created WADs

That means that the original alt newsgroups should be avoided. Once traffic to these newsgroups are low they will be discontinued.

So instead of and use:


Instead of use:


Instead of use:

alt.binaries.doom is the only DOOM alt newsgroup which will continue to exist and is the only one you should post DOOM related files to.

DOOM Files

Walnut Creek's DOOM FTP site is my favourite FTP site for getting DOOM software, editors, WADs, music, LMPs etc. This is a very busy site.

ID Software's own FTP server in Texas !

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