Welcome to

Tupile, secret support base of
The Spacing Guild,
the only source of interstellar transport,
whose members, Guild Navigators,
use the Spice, Melange, to fold space
and effect transportation over vast distances
almost instantly.

The Guild Navigator asks for your destination :

Arrakis the Spice planet, homeworld to the Fremen and giant Sandworms.

Caladan the Ocean planet, homeworld of the noble House Atreides and the SCUBA Page.

Salusa Secundus the Prison planet, homeworld of the Sardaukar and the Quake and DOOM Page.

Ix the Technology planet, homeworld of the Ixians and the PC Technology Page.

Ecaz the planet of untamed wilderness, source of Semuta and home to the Hot Web Sites Directory.

Giedi Prime the Industrial planet, homeworld of the evil House Harkonnen and is rumoured to have an Ixian matter transporter to the Internet Underground, hidden in an Ixian No-Room. However, after the Battle of Arrakis, and the defeat of the Harkonnens by the Atreides and the Fremen, passage to and from Giedi Prime has been prohibited by the Guild under orders from the new Emperor Paul I. You will have to find your own way there.

The Guild may later be resuming transportation to the following worlds:
Tleilax, the centre of gene manipulation, homeworld of the Tleilaxu, creators of the Face Dancers. Access to Tleilax will be provided once a good reason to go there is found :).
Kaitain, homeworld of House Corrino, the Royal House. The last Corrino Emperor, Shaddam IV didn't have any heirs and Paul Atriedes married Irulan Corrino to take the throne as Paul I.
Wallach IX, location of the Bene Gesserit Chapter House and after the Scattering, seeded with Sand Trout, precursors to the Sand Worms of Arrakis.

Created on Tuesday, October 31, 1995 and last updated on May 13, 2000