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Ix, formerly Komos, which spawned
The Butlerian Jihad, which destroyed all computer technology
throughout the known universe.
Ironically, as the Jihad spread, Komos,
now Ix, was isolated and forgotten
and became the secret source of high technology.

Here are my machine hardware specs (if you're interested in this kind of thing :). Not quite the ultimate games machine but ... see for yourself.
See where I spend a lot of time and money :) (223K).
This is what it looks like with the cover off, packed !

A lot of the hardware in my PC are great products and I don't hesitate to recommend them to you, so check out the links to find out more !

Processor and Motherboard:

1991 : Started out as a 386DX-25 way back then.
1993 : I upgraded it to a 486DX-33 VL Bus Motherboard with a 1992 dated AMI BIOS
1994 : Replaced the 486DX-33 CPU with a 486DX4-100 Overdrive
1995 : Replaced the motherboard with a newer Opti chipset VL Bus board
1996 : Pentium 133 on a Triton Motherboard (FX) with an Award BIOS

1997 : October, Pentium 200 MMX, 64MB EDO-RAM (on a voltage converter daughterboard) on a Tyan Titan Turbo AT with a version 3.0 Award BIOS dated 28 March 1997. See what this looks like - 213K
Drives - 209K

1999 : Celeron 300A @ 463 Mhz on a Tyan 1836DLU Thunder 100-BX with 128 MB SDRAM
Why did I pick the Tyan when then there are boards like the ABIT BH6 which were much more overclocking friendly ? Well, for a start it had an onboard Adaptec 3940 Wide Ultra SCSI controller and it was a dual CPU board. It is HUGE.
I also don't like the physical layout of the ABIT board, only 4 PCI slots, 1 ISA slot and one shared PCI/ISA slot. At the time I had 6 PCI cards, so neither of these 2 boards would do. The Tyan on the other hand has 1 AGP slot, 5 PCI slots, 1 ISA slot and 1 shared PCI/ISA slot. I used all 6 PCI slots initially (Matrox Millenium, Adaptec AHA2940 SCSI-2 controller, Orchid Righteous 3D, Sigma Designs REALMagic Hollywood Dolby AC3/MPEG2 Decoder, Creative SB Live!Value and 10Base-T LAN NIC). My first motherboard with no ISA devices. Since then, many things have changed and the current config is (in order, closest to the CPU first):
AGP : 3Dfx Voodoo3 3000
PCI2: Creative SoundBlaster Live!Value
PCI4: 10baseT LAN Adaptor
PCI5: Sigma Designs REALMagic Hollywood Dolby AC3/MPEG2 Decoder
ISA1: - Shared with PCI5

SCSI Chain: Seven devices on the chain currently :
Internal devices :
SCSI 6 : Ricoh 7060 CDR/W
SCSI 5 : Pioneer 6X DVD-ROM
SCSI 3 : Quantum Fireball 4.3GB SCSI-2
SCSI 1 : Quantum Atlas IV 9.1GB Wide SCSI160
External devices :
SCSI 4 : Ricoh MP6200S CD-RW drive

The only non SCSI device is a Seagate 10GB Ultra ATA drive.


US Robotics/3COM External Courier V.Everything ... beautiful modem. Hangs on to the line even if someone picks up the phone extension and can even take crackling noises on the line. Sadly 3Com is out of the consumer modem business.

The output of the SBLive!Value is fed into an Audiolab 8000A Integrated Amplifier (70W per channel) and Rogers LS2A/2 Speakers and an 8 inch Sub woofer for earth shaking (well, almost) sound.....I can hear hifi purists cringe :). No, I didn't buy this excellent combination of amp and speakers just for playing games !

Games Controllers:

Thrustmaster F22 PRO Operating since Dec 1996 despite HEAVY abuse ! If you play flight sims like Warbirds as much as I do, this is a must have !

Thrustmaster Rudder Control System (RCS) - operating since August 1995
Another "must have" for Flight Sim enthusiasts.

I used to have a CH Products Flight Stick Pro and Flight Stick - great sticks but not enough buttons and the spings are too weak.

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