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Hi, I'm Tan Tze Meng, Greetings from Malaysia and welcome to my home page.

The contents of and opinions expressed within these pages are entirely my own and have nothing whatsoever to do with my employers, parents, spouse, government, country or anything else.

A bit about myself

In case you're wondering about my name:
I'm a Malaysian guy of Chinese origin, Tan is my surname and Tze Meng is my given name but most people call me Meng.

Chinese names are always written and spoken in the order surname, given name. However, to minimise confusion when corresponding with westerners I may give my name as Tze Meng Tan or Tze-Meng Tan. This also reduces the probability of any inadvertant butchery of my name ! I'm not even going to try to indicate how to pronounce my name...I've got to dig up some info on phonetics first !

Born in October in the 60s in Malaysia, I currently live and work in Kuala Lumpur. That makes me an Earth Dragon (Chinese Astrology) and a Scorpio (Western Astrology), if you have any interesting info on this combination, feel free to mail me :).

I was a student at St. John's Institution, Kuala Lumpur from 1976 to 1979 after which I went to Britain to continue my studies at Wellington School, Somerset. In 1983, I started by undergraduate course in Computer Engineering at Queen Mary College (QMC) , University of London (was briefly Queen Mary and Westfield College, QMW, and now just Queen Mary). I graduated in July 1986 and returned home to Malaysia to start work.

I would love to hear from anyone who studied or worked in any of these schools so please don't hesitate to contact me. Due to spammers harvesting emails from web sites, you will need to substitute the obvious words from my email address with the appropriate characters.

I'm now Principal Consultant at a consulting / professional services company for Internet based services and businesses. Prior to this I was working with TMnet, Telekom Malaysia's ISP arm, 4 years in TMnet and 8 years in the IT division. If you know me, you probably met me sometime then.

I've been and Internet user since June 1994.
This is the reason why I have multiple Email addresses:
tmtan at tm dot net dot my is my primary email and is checked every 60 seconds when I am in the office. Otherwise a lot longer :)
muaddib at arrakis-ttm dot com is in keeping with my position as webmaster and ruler of Arrakis :) , and have been terminated. Please don't use these any more.

These web pages reflect my main interests and if you share any of these interests I would be very happy to share experiences and information on these subjects. Feel free to email me on anything within these pages you would like to know more about.
Here is a list things in a random order that I find interesting and fun :

Frank Herbert's Dune Chronicles ! As if you can't tell :).
J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.
FreeBSD ! If you don't know what this is go here
Flight simulations, WarBirds in particular, Falcon 4.0, Half-Life, CounterStrike, HomeWorld, Mechwarrior, Mechcommander and many others.
SCUBA Diving - so far I've only dived in Malaysian waters.
Military Aviation - anything to do with military aircraft, current and historical.
Photography - I'm in the serious amateur / aspiring freelance category 8-).
Astronomy - unfortunately Malaysia is rather cloudy most of the time.

Star Trek

Yes, I'm a trekker with a preference for the big screen versions, I have all the DVD versions released so far


Malaysia consists of two land masses called Peninsular (or west, now defunct) Malaysia and East Malaysia. Peninsular Malaysia is slightly North of the Equator and has Thailand to the North and Singapore to the South. East Malaysia in the northern part of the Island of Borneo in the South China Sea.

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