We were here from the 15th April 1993 to the 18th April 1993 for my Advanced Open Water Certification. We stayed at an unnamed resort (well, I can't remember any name) at Pasir Panjang. All the dives were boat dives, off a converted fishing boat. Water clarity was ok in general, about 40ft. Predominantly small fish of unimaginable colours and hard corals (mainly staghorn) in these waters. The resort was the worst I've been at, dark rooms, mosquitoes, unspeakable toilets, lousy food (I got the runs too). Apart from the resort Redang is a pretty good for diving and bear in mind that I was on my certification course so we didn't look for the best spots in the group of islands. I've also heard that whale sharks have been spotted in these waters. Definitely worth going but pick a better resort !

Dive 1 - Off Pasir Panjang

This was a memorable one...we started with the certification night dive at 2100. Having left our gear on the boat, anchored about 100m offshore, we had to swim out to it. It was a dark moonless and starless night. Fortunately one of us had a torch and someone else had a light stick so we could follow the leader. Swimming in pitch black water isn't too bad if you don't look down into the inky blackness ! Interestingly, because of the darkness, the photo phosphorescence (is the spelling right ?) of some plankton was clearly visible. Eventually we did get geared up and into the water again, but it was a whole new experience now with all 10 of us toting torches. The scene underwater looked very much like a WWII night air raid scene with searchlights stabbing into the darkness ! A lot of staghorn coral about but not a lot of fish though. Water temperature was warm, about 30 Celsius and visibility (estimated with torch beam reach) was about 40 ft.

Dive 2 - Teluk Dalam

We did our multi-level certification dive here. Nothing really interesting except for messing about with the "wheel" prior to the the heck out of using the damned tables !

Dive 3 - Off Pasir Panjang

Underwater navigation certification dive. Only thing we learnt is "Its almost impossible to measure distance with kick cycles" ! Yes, we got lost doing the 100m square pattern and had to surface twice to get our bearings.

Dive 4 - Off Pasir Panjang

Another night dive, for "fun" this time. I'm wondering why I do this ! Nothing interesting.

Dive 5 - Teluk Dalam

This was our certification deep dive at 1030. I lost my gloves here. Visibility was about 40ft and water temperature warm, probably around the high twenties Celsius. I discovered my mathematics abilities improved with nitrogen narcosis, I performed better at math at 90ft than on the surface ! Not much coral of fish in this rocky area.

Dive 6 - Ekor Tebu

Our certification drift dive. Guess what ? No drift ! Nothing really interesting either.

Dive 7 - Batu Bara sea mount

Another "for fun" dive, lots of little fish and various types of coral. I don't remember much else. Nothing noteworthy in my log book either.

Here are the fun bunch of my Advance Open Water Class. From Left to right, top to bottom:
Vincent, (?), Tan, (?), Quah, (?), Chris Shun
Vic Cruz (my buddy), Marenga, Siau Yin, Keam, Tony Hiew (Instructor)
If you are a (?), please remind me ! Sorry :)
Dunno who the kid in the corner is :)

My buddy Vic Cruz demonstrating a textbook giant stride entry (except for the free swinging console :), from a less than textbook model dive boat (converted fishing boat). Yeah, you may be wondering what I was doing taking photos when my buddy was already entering the water :)

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