Meng's VF-17 (ANZAC) WarBirds Score

                                In Squadron spin
                               VF-17 Jolly Rogers
                    8X The Bones Shall Rise Tonight 8X

                             Overall Rating 1.9105

      Last Kills  jrt2 -sb- -sb- drum -sb- -sb- acej acej chic acej
    Last Killers  dior hrpy feed pate -sb- sash drum gar1 acej slck
                 GUNNERY    ROCKETS     BOMBS    Aircraft Used        131
        HIT          0         26         19     Enemy Destroyed      145
       USED          0         58         39     Kills Assisted        48
      RATIO     0.0000     0.4483     0.4872     Economic Ratio    1.1069

       Sorties Flown     182            Winged Sorties Flown       4
             Landed       45                 Wingman Landed        0
             Ditched       6                 Wingman Ditched       0
             Bailed       52                 Wingman Bailed        1
             Discos        4                 Wingman Discos        0
             Killed       75                 Wingman Killed        9

This is the score from one of my best runs of over 50 sorties.
The planes I flew during these sorties were either FW 190-A4s or F4U-1Ds
in a roughly 9:1 ratio.
My best single sortie performance so far is 6 kills without getting
killed and prior to that 5 kills and 2 assists without death. I'm
currently trying to see how many kills I can get without getting
killed myself (ie. killed in flight, exploded or crashed).
                        tm-t is flying for Gold
                           Meng VF-17 (ANZAC)
                            In Squadron spin
                            The Jolly Rogers
                   8X The Bones Shall Rise Tonight 8X

                      Overall Rating      11.9378

  Last Kills  -jas ript trec tosi deft mcml jonj mcml body tosi
Last Killers  vict uuul tsu4 tosi -myk HOST HOST spof garn -lg-
             GUNNERY    ROCKETS     BOMBS    Aircraft Used         43
    HIT       1100          0          0     Enemy Destroyed      108
   USED      22043          0          0     Kills Assisted        35
  RATIO     0.0499       0.00       0.00     Economic Ratio    2.5116

   Sorties Flown      85            Winged Sorties Flown       0
         Landed       34                 Wingman Landed        0
         Ditched       8                 Wingman Ditched       0
         Bailed       10                 Wingman Bailed        0
         Discos        0                 Wingman Discos        0
         Killed       33                 Wingman Killed        0

Spin is VF-17's Squad Leader

VF-17 is my Squadron, of which ANZAC is one section

8X The Bones Shall Rise Tonight 8X is VF-17's Squadron slogan, a modification of the modern Jolly Rogers slogan.

The Overall rating is your score after taking into consideration your air combat and air to ground performance. Points are awarded for kills, assists and ground targets destroyed. Points are deducted for losing aircraft (bailing, disconnects, getting killed all count against your score in increasing order).

Aircraft Used. Aircraft lost. This is the number of aircraft I didn't bring home :(. The taxpayers are gonna be mad !

Enemy Destroyed. This is the number of enemy aircraft which didn't make it home because of my actions :). The enemy pilot was either killed in his cockpit by bullets or an explosion, bailed out of a crippled aircraft, crashed due to critical damage to his aircraft or due to carelessness. At this point when an enemy pilot ditches it does NOT count as a kill. You will not get the "Kill of so-and-so awarded to "some-other-so-and-so" message.

Kills Assisted. This is the number of enemy aircraft which I hit but did not do enough damage to shoot down which later got shot down by someone else. You will also get an assist instead of a kill when you do critical damage to an enemy and before he bails out, explodes or crashes someone else completes the job by exploding the crippled aircraft or simply doing more damage. As an example, you shoot and destroy the vertical stabiliser of an enemy aircraft and it goes into an uncontrollable spin, after which someone else comes along and removes both its wings, blows it up or kills the will only get an assist although you did the initial critical damage. Your kill was stolen :(. Still, an assist is better than nothing !

Economic Ratio. Quite simply the kill / death ratio. Enemy aircraft I destroyed divided by the aircraft I lost.

Sorties Flown. Quite simply the number of missions I flew or the number of times I used the ".fly" command. Winged Sorties Flown is the sorties I flew after using the wingman invitation or wingman accept commands. Funny thing is, I've never ever flown a winged sortie so far. Basically, the commands formalise a wingman/wingleader partnership and the scoring system tracks the successes and failures of this partnership. If your wingman is successful, you will gain points, if he fails, you lose points.

Landed and Wingman Landed. The number of aircraft my wingman and I brought home :).

Ditched and Wingman Ditched. Aircraft landed safely but not at home. Careful ! Exiting the plane (".e" command) anywhere else but the runway counts as a don't taxi off the runway after landing !

Bailed and Wingman Bailed. Eject ! Eject ! Eject ! Number of times my wingman and I got out before the plane hit the ground or exploded :).

Discos and Wingman Discos. Discotheques...oops disconnects. Number of times my wingman and I were "Eaten by Internet".

Killed and Wingman Killed. My Wingman and I didn't get out of the plane fast enough this many times :(....the plane either crashed or exploded with us still in it or enemy bullets killed us in our cockpits.

Last Kills. The WB IDs of the last 10 people I shot down :).

Last Killers. The WB IDs of the last ten evil people who shot me down :(. If your own ID appears in this list, that means you shot a friendly aircraft or attacked a friendly building and you were killed by the "frag code". The frag code, when turned on by the WB server, is to discourage the killing of fellow countrymen and attacks on friendly airbases. Be warned, getting killed in this way counts as FOUR deaths ! Unfortunately it doesn't distinguish between intentional frags or when a friendly flies into your line of fire.

Bombs on target. A building (hangar or tower) or AAA emplacement was destroyed.

Rockets on target. A building (hangar or tower) or AAA emplacement was destroyed.

Bombs Used. Bombs actually released in flight. It doesn't count the bombs loaded but never released.

Rockets Used. Rockets actually fired in flight. It doesn't count the rockets loaded but never fired.

Gunnery. Gunnery will show you how many bullets or cannon shells you fired and how many of those were on target.

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