VF-17 Jolly Rogers Press Release Press Release - Friday 20 October 1995


Several purple flyers have recently reported sporatic sightings of gold F4Us, reputedly flown by members of the purple squadron VF-17, the Jolly Rogers. Rumors started by these sightings have been fueled by the significant absence of VF-17 pilots from the briefing rooms of 21, 22 and 23.

The Jolly Rogers squadron hereby announces that we have officially moved our headquarters to Gold country. We have elected to "go Gold" for several reasons, first and foremost being we wish to join our brethren USN squads VF-33 and VF-101 in the carrier wars which even now loom on the horizon.

We shall face the purple hordes . . . the speed-bleeding spits, the head-on loving p-38s . . . stone in hand, we shall face the purple Goliath and rise triumphant over the fields of F22, F23, F21 and whatever .92 (and beyond) has to offer. There are some rumors of two other colors existing as well; if so, we'll get them too.

Lt. Yossarian,
VF-17, the Jolly Rogers.