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Books on WW2 Aviation !
TM_TLAND.GIF fw190a4_land
Here's a picture (CK 0.91 screenshot) of me in my FW190A4 trying to land :). Picture on the right is from WB3 - Warbirds has come a long way in terms of graphics!
See more Screenshots from CK.
Screenshots from WB2.0.
Screenshots from WB2.7x - DirectX 3D.
1st Oct 2002 - Screenshots from WBIII - Direct X 8.1 GeForce3 Ti200.
WarBirds (formerly Confirmed Kill or CK) or WB is a new (relative to Air Warrior :) multi-player on-line Internet based flight sim by Interactive Entertainment Network (Formerly Interactive Magic On Line, IMOL, and Interactive Creations). Internet based means that theoretically anyone with an Internet connection can log on and fly and so far it has been true in general with pilots from all over the world participating. WarBirds started life as Confirmed Kill, and was known as CK up to and including version 0.93. Since version 0.94 it was renamed to WarBirds.

The current front end does allow limited stand alone play against AI pilots of various abilities and "radar guided" weapons. Try bomber intercept missions with max difficulty on and see what I mean. Don't forget to turn the Easy Flight mode OFF !

I've always had an interest in aviation, especially military aviation during the Second World War. Personal accounts of combat missions by WWII pilots are my favourite, especially those of US Navy Fighting Squadron 17, VF-17, The Jolly Rogers.
As a result I've built a fairly decent collection of books on the WW2 Military Aviation which you can see here.

WarBirds On-Line !

On the 17th August 1995, I flew CK on-line for the first time ! My handle is Meng VF-17 and my callsign was tm-t but was recently changed to -meng- when the 6 letter IDs were implemented. I first joined up for the Purples (A.K.A. Purps, Grapes or Barneys). I can safely say I'm the first Malaysian to fly CK and WB on-line (from our own shores anyway :) ! On the 26th August 1995, I was invited to join VF-17 aka Fighting 17 aka The Jolly Rogers, ANZAC Section. At the time VF-17 was a Purple squad. VF-17 moved to gold for a short while then we decided to return to our roots in Purpland after Goldland slowly but surely changed for the worse. However the old Purpland we knew was gone and the very different Purpland wasn't to our liking and it wasn't long before we decided to try another country. We are currently Green. If you see a large menacing cloud of Green F4U-1Ds or F4U-4s online, its probably us :).
Flying on-line is one of the most exhilarating experiences I've had ... what more can I say, I was hooked ! I didn't manage to get a confirmed kill on the first day although I've had a few probables and a lot of lost horizontal stabs, engines, fuel tanks, rudders, elevators, both wings and other critical bits of my plane 8-(. Second day flying, I got my first 4 confirmed kills (I saw two crash, one bail and one explode). My most frequent reason for crashing is lost horizontal stabilisers...(surgically removed from behind and below where I can't see anything) or lost wings. This has reduced drastically since I started flying the F4U-1D Corsair and Focke-Wulf 190A4 and A8 properly .... I now regularly run out of ammo and fuel before I get shot down 8-).

Check out the history of the real life Jolly Rogers :
The Jolly Rogers : Past and Present (VF-17 and VF-84)..
VF-17 The Jolly Rogers..
Books on VF-17 The Jolly Rogers.

The Aircraft of Warbirds - Outdated (doesn't cover WBIII)

describes the aircraft of WarBirds from my personal perspective.


Downloading WarBirds

The latest version for both Windows and Macs (yes, OS X too) and you can download it from IEN's Web Server
After downloading and installing WB, is a good idea to read the stuff on Krod's Warbirds Pages, Featuring Hatchlings, a beginner's guide to Warbirds, is an excellent site to start off learning about WarBirds. Also very useful, the Warbirds Lexicon, Mucho info on teminology and slang, the extremely funny Book of Dweeb and wot a lotta links !

Other Great WarBirds Pages

Here are a list of WarBirds related pages which offer more than just the usual "who are we" stuff. Definitely worth visiting !
My Squadron VF-17, Fighting 17, The Jolly Rogers's Home Page...mandatory visit :)

The Flying Pig's Squadron Home Page
A lot of cool links broke and I haven't had time to find them all again :(

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