WarBirds 2.0 Screen Shots Page

WarBirds 2.0 Screen Shots

IMPORTANT: These screenshots are png (Portable Network Graphics) format since WB2.0 screenshots are now 16 or 24 bits per pixel. GIFs cannot handle this colour depth and JPEGs mess up the picture. If your browser doesn't directly support png images shift-Click to save the file and view them in an image viewer, or set up your browser to automatically run your image viewer.

Red B-25 after my F4U relieved it of its elevators :)
Ever tried landing a BF110 on a CV, my 1st attempt documented :)
Another angle of my botched landing
Flying close escort for a friendly B-17

The VF-17 "Jolly Rogers" Field Capture Missions

The re-capture of Green Field F23 from the Reds

The target is sighted 12 o'clock low !
Target is burning
F23 completely and utterly flattened !
Nothing left standing
Re-capture by Chief imminent !
VF-17 capping F23 after the re-capture.

The capture of Gold Field F25

Strike force taking off from F12.
The strike against F25 in progress.
F25 from directly above, I'm inverted :)
The strike is going well.
Many fires burning.
F25 about to fall.

Capture of Gold Field F13

The strike against F13 begins.
F13 about to fall to the JRs !

More of VF-17

This is what you call a Head-On !
Check out the 1000 lb bombs under the wings.
VF-17 combat communications :)
Ever seen sooo many hogs in one flight ? :)
VF-17 waiting to sortie.
Sooo many Hogs on the runway !
Here we go !
Stike force taking off.


"Did Otto revolt and shoot you from 6?", My "one ping" kill of a Bf110
Spitfire attacking my B-17, Head-to-head gunnery practice.
See those cannon shells incoming !

WarBirds 2.0 Release 2 Sun Blinding Effects

Note the colours on the F4U desaturated.
All specks in the sun, icons disappear.
Out of the sun.

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