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Meng's Hot Web Sites Directory


Looking for the lastest Winsock Applications ? Building a collection of the hottest Winsock Apps ?

Look no further ! Check out Stroud's Consummate Winsock Apps List for great in-depth reviews or quick "star" ratings instead of wasting your bandwidth downloading and testing yourself ! You can also get to CWSAPPS at the Hawaii Mirror Site.

and The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software. This site has a unique rating system...have a look !

Both these sites have hundreds of freeware, shareware, public domain and demo versions of Winsock and other related applications and utilities.


Looking for something on the Web ? Check out www.yahoo.com one of the most comprehensive directories of Web sites.

Alternatively you can do a keyword search for a particular Web page using:
Digital's Altavista
The Lycos Catalog of the Internet


Looking for Mind Blowing Graphics ?
Before you enter these worlds of Images, be warned, you really need a leased line or at least a 28.8Kbps modem. For those gifted with infinite patience, go ahead and use your 14.4Kbps modem, the rewards are spectacular !
Image x.
Tribal Voice. Don't miss the link to the main site below.
Art Galleries.
Computer Graphics has one of the biggest lists of computer graphics sites I've seen anywhere.
Digital Illusions has links to many graphics and animation sites.

PhotoShop and other Image Resources

PhotoShop F/X Archives has free and shareware PhotoShop add-ons and plug-ins for you to download. This link will take you to the Windows version archives. Macintosh versions are here : Macintosh Versions.
PhotoShop Tips.
PhotoShop Sites is one of the most comprehensive PhotoShop sites I have seen and don't miss the Filters and Plug-ins ! page there.
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Adobe PhotoShop is a fantastic source of how-to tips and tricks and comes with plenty of examples.


Here is an interesting site, see for yourself what Tribal Voice is all about.
Wondering where the best Web sites are ? The best places to start are :
The GNN Best of the Net. The Club Web Platinum 100 Award Page seems to have disappeared from sight :(


Need an on-line publication ? Try out InfoWorld or Ziff Davis Interactive's ZDNet.


Searching for sofware on the net ? Find it in :

The Virtual Shareware Library at Oakland University

The Centre for Innovative Computer Applications (CICA)

CICA at Indiana University is the repository of many excellent shareware, freeware and public domain Windows applications

SimTel is the archive for MS-DOS software

World Internet Technologies is another excellent mirror site for the major software archives

Walnut Creek CD-ROM's web site - This is also the mirror site for CICA and SIMTEL (MS-DOS archives)


Musically Inclined ?

Have a look at Pierre R. Schwob's Classical Midi Archives for the most comprehensive collection of midi files featuring the classics and a visual feast as well !


Looking for a good laugh ? Check out :

Humor at The Matrix. For those of a more "genteel" nature, please avoid this site for the jokes are largely blue :),
George Goble's Home Page, especially funny is the Boston Globe article by David Barry about what George gets up to,
The Dilbert Zone

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