Current Employment Status
Technical Development Manager
PK Technology Sdn. Bhd.
October 1995 to Present
Job Purpose
  • In charge of the technical, software development division and support help desk.
  • Responsible for all technical aspects for the company.
Job Responsibilities
  • Installation and Configuration of Systems and Application for new customer sites
  • System Support (Troubleshooting: System, Database, Application and Networking)
  • Technical Consultancy
  • System and Database Maintenance
  • System and Database Tuning
  • Backup Recovery Procedures and Strategy
  • In-house computing facility
  • UNIX servers, Windows NT, Internet Gateway, Mail Server

Relevant Experience
Marketing Services Manager
International Computers (M) Sdn Bhd
September 1993 to October 1995
Job Purpose
  • To lead the Account Development function to enable the account team to penetrate designated accounts, or group of accounts, and achieve significant profitable revenue growth and market share through the generation of additional IT solutions.
Job Responsibilities
  • Promote the companyís products and relevent industry segment strategies to influence client management in line with account plan
  • Develop and maintain business relationships at end-user and IT management level in order to generate additional revenue opportunities
  • Contribution to all elements of the account plan and review cycle
  • Understand client business objectives and industry segment in relation to the account plan
  • Obtain and manage all external and internal resources to ensure that the companyís and clientís requirements are met
  • Active participation in sales campaigns to ensure that agreed client requirements are met
  • Create and exploit Customer Service and Professional Service revenue
  • Responsible for the identification and subsequent management of risk
  • Ensure that sales targets are met (together with sales team)
  • Preparation of technical proposals and presentation materials for sales and marketing use and contract bids
  • Technical presentations of current and new technology
  • Provide technical support for the sales and marketing team during sales calls, contract bids, trade shows and exhibitions
  • Understand customersí computing requirements and propose a solution to meet the customersí needs
  • Identify and develop business opportunities in new or existing customers
  • Contact point for 3rd party suppliers in integration projects
  • Maintain ISO 9000 processes for sales and marketing division
  • ISO 9000 Internal Quality Audit
  • Maintain product database for Malaysia (availability and local pricing)
Areas of Specialisation
  • Internetworking computers on local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN)
  • Open Systems based technology
  • Telecommunications and Oil & Gas industry