Computing Experience
Programming Languages
Pascal, Basic, C, Assembly (6502, 6809, 68000, Z80, 8048, 8051, 8086), dBase II, dBase III, 4th Dimension, Lotus 123 Macros, Visual BASIC for Applications (VBA)
Computers Systems
Apple II family, Apple Macintosh family, IBM PC family, CPM computers, Northstar Dimension, Sun Microsystems product line, CONVEX Supercomputer, Tandem Integrity S2, Digital VAX.
Operating Systems
CP/M, MS-DOS, Macintosh O/S, SunOS, UNIX (BSD & System V), Open VMS, Windows NT.
Hardware Equipment
Standard ëComputer R&Dí laboratory equipment. (including in-circuit emulators), Laser Printers, Scanners, Plotters, Local Area Networks, Data-communication Equipment.
Setting up Internet Servers (web, DNS, ftp, mail smtp/pop).
Application Software
Desktop publishing, Desktop presentation, Spreadsheets, Databases, Word processing, Computer Graphics, CAD (Electronics, Mechanical, Architectural & Printed Circuit Boards).

SunOS & System Administration, Applied Business Systems S/B, 1990
SunPHIGS Programming, Sun Asia Educational Centre, Hong Kong, 1990
OpenWindows 2.0 TOI, Sun Asia Educational Centre, Hong Kong, 1990
Introduction to Networking, Sun Asia Educational Centre, Hong Kong, 1990
Sun Network Specialist Training, Sun Asia Educational Centre, Hong Kong, 1990
Computervision/Medusa Core Training, Applied Business Systems S/B, 1991
Client/Server Database Server Technology, Sun Microsystems Singapore, 1991
Sun 600MP Server Product Training, Sun Asia Educational Centre, Hong Kong, 1991
SunSoft Solaris 2.0 TOI, Sun Microsystems Singapore, 1992
Developing Supervisory Skills, Malaysian Institute of Management, 1992
Network Specialist Update, Sun Microsystems Singapore, 1993
Strategic Sales Training, Faulkner & Associates, 1993
ISO 9000 Internal Quality Audit, Neville Clarke, 1994
Oracle System Administration, Oracle Malaysia, 1996